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richmond-skyline-john-murdenThe city of Richmond Virginia was founded in 1737. The Richmond metro is one of the largest in the US with over a million residents. The city was the capitol of the Confederacy during the American Civil War and Ulysses S. Grant’s successful siege of Petersburg, near Richmond, was one of the final battles of the civil war. Those are fairly well known facts about Richmond, here are some most people 
don’t know.


If you’re thinking about moving to the place Forbes Magazine selected as one of the “Best for the Buck Cities in America” call your friends at All My Sons Moving & Storage and let our family move yours.

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As a family owned moving company, we at All My Sons Moving & Storage are proud to see local businesses grow from nothing. One example of this is Shockoe Denim, a family owned maker of luxury jeans. The owner, Anthony Lupesco, comes from a family of menswear manufacturers with a strong tie to tradition. Though his father’s pride in his work led the man to turn his nose up at the idea at first, the explanation that the jeans would be made with the same dedication and spirit of a quality pair of slacks brought dad in.

While it’s great to support family owned business by buying from them, Shockoe Denim can also use your help to win a Martha Stewart American Made award. These awards include a trip for the winners to celebrate, but they also include ten thousand dollars to build the business. For a company that makes their products by hand, that means putting that money into Richmond.

In addition to the denim craftspeople, there are also four other Richmond businesses worthy of your vote. You can vote for them below.

As a family owned business, we’ve appreciated the support of the community. Richmond has been an awesome place to do business, but we want to help move that goodwill forward. Please do vote for these companies to help them out. Who knows. You might end up finding a deal on a stylish pair of jeans too.

CNN Money recently released a ranking of the most stressful cities to live in in the United States and Richmond was named the 5th least stressful place to live.

They attribute it to our great job market. Richmond is saturated with financial and governmental jobs, making the unemployment rate one of the lowest in the 55 metro areas of the United States. In fact, only 12% of the population in Richmond lives below the poverty line, which is one of the lowest rates in the country.

In addition to an abundance of jobs, the work hours in Richmond are not very demanding. Coupled with east commute, and a relatively low cost of living, this makes Richmond a very pleasant and affordable place to live. People who have moved from some of the countries more stressful cities often comment on how the traffic in Richmond is very tolerable, and the amount of money they spend on food is always affordable.

However, Richmond is not a stress free utopia. One of the cities chief struggles is personal health. The smoking rates are far above the average and the exercise rate is below the average. But the city is working to resolve this issue. The Mayors new “Healthy Richmond” has the the city moving in the right direction. People are working out more, and the city is becoming a more cyclist friendly place.

As Richmond continues to improve, your local moving company will continue to get you moving to the places you need to go. All My Sons will give you a stress-free move in Richmond, and our quality service can not be beat.


Your Richmond movers are surely not alone in cursing the recent spike in gas prices. Due to recent oil pipeline and refinery issues in the Great Lakes area, Richmond locals saw cost of fuel rise by roughly ten cents per gallon. While your Richmond relocation specialists aren’t happy with the gas price increase, we are thankful not to have suffered price-hikes like those experienced in the Great Lake States. Still paying below the national average fuel cost of $3.60, Richmond’s motorists look forward to forecasted dips in the cost of gas in our area. Currently, the cost for a gallon of gas in Richmond is roughly $3.45.

Your Virginia movers in Richmond are among many locals who will benefit from an extreme boost of economic activity in our state. An upcoming Stephen Spielberg film depicting President Abraham Lincoln was shot in Virginia, and the Virginia Film Office reports over $32 million was spent in the state by the film’s producers.

What’s more is that the monies spent have had a particularly beneficial effect on Richmond and Petersburg; when all variables are considered, the impact equates to a whopping $64 million of economic activity. Given the current state of the economy, the fiscal boost could not have come at a better time! The movie, starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field, is expected to hit theatres in 2013!

Local Richmond Virginian’s, are you looking for a romantic getaway for this Valentine’s Day? Inn at Little Washington, Located nearly 100 miles from Richmond, Virginia, was recently ranked number four in “The best romantic hotels in the United Sates” by The romantic early-20th-century house is set in the Shenandoah Valley, neighboring picturesque mountains, gardens and lakes. The hotel includes 18 rooms, each featuring their own antique style and a restaurant owned by the legendary Chef Patrick O’Connell’s, whose cuisine is both refined and enjoyable. Your Richmond professional movers recommend this quaint spot for a Valentine’s Day getaway!

“Insider Tip: Take a stroll along the path that circles the property–the Blue Ridge Mountains views are magnificent”


Moving to Richmond from out-of-state may seem like a thrilling new chapter of life, but there is always more to consider about such a major transition aside from the tempting pros involved. As with any major life decision, moving out of state is a venture you should only take after considering both the pros and cons involved. Anybody who plans to move to a new area will need to find a place to live, and when it comes to picking your next dwelling you have the option to either rent or buy. There are benefits to both types of housing, but determining whether renting or buying is best depends on several factors.

For one reason or another, be it because of a move to a new home or just a desire to change things up a bit, the need to arrange and rearrange furniture comes up often. If you are moving into a new home, your Richmond area movers can set up your furniture in any arrangement that you’d prefer, but what do you do if you want to move furniture without the assistance of relocation service providers? Well, if you are moving furniture on within a carpeted area, your local Richmond mover here has a simple but helpful tip: use aluminum foil! The dull side of a piece of foil glides rather effortlessly across carpet, just slip a piece under the legs of your couch or whatever furniture you’d like to rearrange and move it without breaking a sweat!

Your Richmond movers here are very proud of our 2011 high school graduates. Particularly, our congratulations go out to those who took the SAT test. A recent study concluded that the 61,000 some-odd Richmond students who most recently took the SAT managed to outperform the rest of the country in reading and writing portions of the test. The whole country! That is definitely saying something about our awesome Richmond students. Your Richmond movers here have probably moved many of the same high-scoring students off to college recently, and we hope that the same success of these fantastic SAT scores follows you all throughout the next chapter of your education. Way to go Richmond seniors of ’11, your movers here trust that you will be an inspiration to all current Richmond seniors!

What is missing? Have you ever taken a look around your home and asked yourself this question? Many people pride themselves in crafting attractive indoor décor, but with endless possibilities it can be hard to decide when your job is done. Moving into a new home often sparks creative inspiration to reinvent décor style, and figuring out what is missing from your ideal vision can be both fun and challenging… But fun nonetheless, and your Richmond mover has a few ideas to help you deck out your new space!