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American Blue Jeans

As a family owned moving company, we at All My Sons Moving & Storage are proud to see local businesses grow from nothing. One example of this is Shockoe Denim, a family owned maker of luxury jeans. The owner, Anthony Lupesco, comes from a family of menswear manufacturers with a strong tie to tradition. Though his father’s pride in his work led the man to turn his nose up at the idea at first, the explanation that the jeans would be made with the same dedication and spirit of a quality pair of slacks brought dad in.

While it’s great to support family owned business by buying from them, Shockoe Denim can also use your help to win a Martha Stewart American Made award. These awards include a trip for the winners to celebrate, but they also include ten thousand dollars to build the business. For a company that makes their products by hand, that means putting that money into Richmond.

In addition to the denim craftspeople, there are also four other Richmond businesses worthy of your vote. You can vote for them below.

As a family owned business, we’ve appreciated the support of the community. Richmond has been an awesome place to do business, but we want to help move that goodwill forward. Please do vote for these companies to help them out. Who knows. You might end up finding a deal on a stylish pair of jeans too.

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