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Pre-Move In-Home Estimate: Good Idea

How long will my move take? As a professional mover in Richmond, I know that this question really means “how much will my move cost?”, and the answer is different for every move. It is important to only move with a professional relocation service provider; if you’re going to be coming out of pocket to get your belongings moved from point A to point B, do yourself a favor and make quality your main concern. For a simple one bedroom apartment move, in most cases (with professional movers like ours on the job) you are looking at about one hour of time spent on the move for ever fully furnished room with two men on the job. Variables such as the number of men in the moving crew, whether or not there are staircases to traverse up or down, the heaviest of your household items to be moved, and etc will also factor in on how long your move will take and cost. If you are moving and need to know realistically how much your move will cost, take my advice and schedule a preliminary in-home estimate with the mover you intend to hire. Your Virginia moving company in Richmond here is one of many pro movers which offer such an in-home estimate free of charge! Once you know how long your move will take, you’ll feel much better about the approaching moving day!


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