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Your Moving Game Plan

It is important to always have a game plan when it comes to any type of a move. Regardless of whether you’re moving yourself, or if you’re hiring professional movers; a game plan is a must! You can really cause problems for yourself if you don’t thoroughly plan your move out well in advance of the big day!

There is much to consider for your moving game plan. For one thing you’re going to want to make sure that your move date works for everybody that is involved. This may not be too big of an issue, but as a professional Richmond mover I know that it is better to be safe than sorry. Some apartments, for example, do not allow moving on weekends. Imagine scheduling your movers, paying a deposit, being ready to go on your move date, only to learn way too late that your new apartment won’t let you in yet! Another thing to consider is moving supplies. Supplies such as boxes and tape are best to collect far in advance. If you have all of your packing done before your moving date, your move will be much quicker, which means you’ll save money if you are planning to hire a Richmond moving company to handle your relocation. Furthermore; collecting material and packing early eliminates the possibility of a panic attack as you can gradually prepare your boxes and smaller household items. Moving means that you will be changing addresses, so don’t forget to inform important parties of the switch! You’ll want to fill out a change of address form, transfer or start new service for utilities at your new home, as well as any Internet or television services. These types of things may not jump right out at you with all that is on your plate during a moving experience, but they are extremely important! You can always call your local Richmond movers for advice on moving, and advice on planning your move! Hopefully this food for thought gets your thoughts moving and into the zone so that your upcoming move is a success!

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