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Moving often primes people for more projects aside from relocating to a new household. Moving in to a new place is refreshing, and the feeling can be intensified even more simply by adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls of your new home-sweet-home. There are lots of DIY projects that are popular among people who are moving to a new home, and your local Home Depot is a great source for those who seek advice on how to paint and more! Your Richmond mover suggests checking out a location near you; also, consider freshening up your current home prior to moving out. A beautifully made-over home sells much quicker than a drab out-of-style home!

How long will my move take? As a professional mover in Richmond, I know that this question really means “how much will my move cost?”, and the answer is different for every move. It is important to only move with a professional relocation service provider; if you’re going to be coming out of pocket to get your belongings moved from point A to point B, do yourself a favor and make quality your main concern. For a simple one bedroom apartment move, in most cases (with professional movers like ours on the job) you are looking at about one hour of time spent on the move for ever fully furnished room with two men on the job. Variables such as the number of men in the moving crew, whether or not there are staircases to traverse up or down, the heaviest of your household items to be moved, and etc will also factor in on how long your move will take and cost. If you are moving and need to know realistically how much your move will cost, take my advice and schedule a preliminary in-home estimate with the mover you intend to hire. Your Virginia moving company in Richmond here is one of many pro movers which offer such an in-home estimate free of charge! Once you know how long your move will take, you’ll feel much better about the approaching moving day!


For every residential move, there is a reason behind the relocation. For your Richmond mover here, it is a pleasure to work with shippers who are moving for positive reasons –new jobs, new family additions, etc. Don’t get me wrong, customers who call on us with not-so-positive causes for moving needs are great to work with too, especially when the move is over and the stress has eased up for them. However; when people are moving on to bigger and better things, the whole process of handling their move is highly enjoyable and rewarding from start to finish. Among the many positive causes for relocation needs, you would be surprised to know how many divorce situations are actually positive experiences for one if not both of the participating parties! Married couples who have gone or are going through a divorce aren’t typically saddened by the split. When children are involved divorce can be difficult, but for the most part divorce is a much needed escape plan to move on to happier days.

Starting on May 25th, and continuing for seven days, Virginia residents will be able to purchase certain goods and supplies tax-free. Unfortunately, several hurricanes are expected to result from the approaching Atlantic storm season. Items such as first aid kits and flashlights are among the tax free purchases that will be made available stating on the 25th. Your Richmond movers don’t like the sound of “expected major hurricanes” one bit, despite the rather tempting tax-free privileges that are coming along with them. Safety will be of extreme importance during the coming storm season; specifically the safety of people! Why not move away from the Richmond area to avoid potential danger during the hurricane season? Moving may be a stressful endeavor, but no move compares to the stress and other unfavorable emotions guaranteed to come along with a first-hand hurricane experience. Just a thought!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and it is very much an important date to remember! If your mom has always been there for you, a simple card or bouquet of her favorite flowers is the least you can do to show her that you’ve always appreciated her love, and always will! It wouldn’t hurt to take mom out to dinner at her favorite restaurant either, she deserves the best! Your local movers in Richmond here will certainly be thanking all of our moms for the life-long support and love that has shaped us all to the proud individuals we are today! Mom is an inspiration for your pro Richmond movers on a daily basis; each and every person we relocate to a new home, we treat as though we are moving mom herself! Mark your calendars: SUNDAY-MOTHER’S DAY!

The semester is quickly coming to a close which means many college students will soon be moving out of their dorms apartments and rental houses for the summer. Before the semester lets out for summer though, much studying will be done in preparation for final exams. Don’t put studying on the sidelines, nothing is more important than your schooling, but be sure to make a mental note if not a post-it note to remind you of your upcoming moving duties! Your professional movers in Richmond make moving easy, so fear not if you have already hired your moving crew. However; if you do plan to hire movers, be sure to schedule your move soon so that you can save money. If you plan to do a DIY move this year, keep in mind that you won’t be the only students moving. Many thieves will wait for the end of the school year to go on a burglary spree as many unsuspecting college students leave their belongings outside and unattended while in the process of loading up for their moves. Move your most expensive items such as plasma TV’s and computers out last and don’t take your eyes off of such items; the less time spent out of your sight, the better! Good luck with final exams and on your upcoming move, college students!

When you move around often, convenience sometimes wins out over luxury. However; if you are creative, you can have a bit of both which makes your home a happy place, and your many moving days to come a cinch! Many frequent movers are students. Every student needs a desk, but desks can be expensive and a bit bulky for convenient transport if you don’t happen to drive a truck or hire movers. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a nice functional desk that is easy to move even in your personal vehicle? Well there are Richmond moving tips that can help you achieve the best of both worlds with your desk needs! You may even find a bit of inspiration which will enable you to think of many similar ideas that can help you furnish other portions of your home!

The cost of coffee is expected to jump up considerably due to a slow-down in production. A twenty-five percent increase is in the forecast which will affect all coffee consumers. This means that both the cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks and the cost of coffee beans and grounds purchased in bulk will jump. Hopefully you rely on another energy source if you’re looking to move in Richmond any time soon! Luckily there are Richmond relocation service experts who don’t need coffee to provide quick and proficient moving services to you! Therefore, you shouldn’t expect an increase in moving costs arise out of the coffee price increase. Whew!

It is important to always have a game plan when it comes to any type of a move. Regardless of whether you’re moving yourself, or if you’re hiring professional movers; a game plan is a must! You can really cause problems for yourself if you don’t thoroughly plan your move out well in advance of the big day!

There is much to consider for your moving game plan. For one thing you’re going to want to make sure that your move date works for everybody that is involved. This may not be too big of an issue, but as a professional Richmond mover I know that it is better to be safe than sorry. Some apartments, for example, do not allow moving on weekends. Imagine scheduling your movers, paying a deposit, being ready to go on your move date, only to learn way too late that your new apartment won’t let you in yet! Another thing to consider is moving supplies. Supplies such as boxes and tape are best to collect far in advance. If you have all of your packing done before your moving date, your move will be much quicker, which means you’ll save money if you are planning to hire a Richmond moving company to handle your relocation. Furthermore; collecting material and packing early eliminates the possibility of a panic attack as you can gradually prepare your boxes and smaller household items. Moving means that you will be changing addresses, so don’t forget to inform important parties of the switch! You’ll want to fill out a change of address form, transfer or start new service for utilities at your new home, as well as any Internet or television services. These types of things may not jump right out at you with all that is on your plate during a moving experience, but they are extremely important! You can always call your local Richmond movers for advice on moving, and advice on planning your move! Hopefully this food for thought gets your thoughts moving and into the zone so that your upcoming move is a success!

The final stretches of the All My Sons jingle contest are approaching! Your neighborhood Richmond movers want to extend a friendly reminder: Be sure to get your jingle entries in by March 1st. Good luck to all participants!

Here is a jingle for your listening pleasure, just press play and enjoy!